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Our Journey awaits

Truly, it's our journey together. As I launch the business, begin teaching, and you begin your S journey.

I want to thank all of you for taking a leap of faith to take a class. My gratitude to you as well as congratulations for giving yourself time away from the busy demands of life, work, partnership, and family to create space for self care. As women, we tend to be givers, so we must fill up our cups in order to stay whole and able to support our loved ones.

The Class Schedule

As the student population grows, there will be more classes added to the weekly schedule. I hope you stay patient with me as I learn what classes are working at what times, and based on sign ups, what it is you are truly interested in taking.

I know from experience the Journey classes will likely be the most popular, so spread the good word, and let's build this community together!

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