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Our Classes

At Open Heart, we offer a variety of options: 
Get the most value out of a monthly membership option which comes with the Journey Session.

We also offer Single drop-in classes for the busy polerina on the go. 

The Journey

The Journey classes are the classic S Factor courses - starting with the Foundational level to the Advanced. Each Journey class meets once a week for 2 hours, and is filled with so much goodness. Throughout the Foundational course (8 weeks long), I teach the language of the dance, along with pole of course, lap dance, strip tease, heels, choreography, and flow. The Journey sessions teaches you, no matter your fitness background, how to move in a way that is uniquely you. It's an exploration of the sexy, passionate feminine creature that lies within. 
Price: $55/class

The Foundation
8 weeks

This 8 week session teaches the foundational language through a sensuous warm up, pole work, strip tease, and our signature routine.

8 - 12 weeks

Continue the journey with flow, transitions, more advanced pole tricks and taking your dance to another level as you experiment with clothing and guided moving meditations. 


 Allow yourself to listen to your body through flow, exploring her desires through music, clothing and exercises designed to set you free.

"Single" Classes

S Pole & Flow (open level)

Fluid S Movement
(open level) 1 hr

Pure Dance

A sexy one hour session designed to nurture your feminine creature with S movement, pole, and dance.

An S class with pure flow, conditioning and movement. The warmup, workout and moving meditation. A great way to get some dance in during a hectic week. *No pole

 A 1-hr purely dance oriented class, starting with a sultry warm-up then diving right into your routine or free dance with music of your choice. *for current members or students who have taken a Journey session.

Pole Classes
1 hr

Beginner & Advanced Lap Dance Workshops
2 hrs 

Private Parties

A great way to workout, work on your pole tricks, transitions and flow. Level indicated on the schedule.

Let's flip the power dynamic. The dancer is in control, not the chair sitter. Using your S movement, learn how to seduce, tease, and tempt a lover who might be watching. You will never look at a chair the same way again. 

Birthday or Bachelorette? Celebrating any milestone that deserves bringing your friends together for a class you will never forget. A full class custom designed to your group. 

price & times vary

S Cardio
30 min

Private Lesson
2 hrs: $100

Campfires are usually discussions paired with a class or Specialty Workshop. Campfire topics might include the "Erotic Creature" journey, body ownership, discovering pleasure & joy, self-love & acceptance, or any number of women's wellness topics. 

A cardio oriented version or our fluid feminine movement to get your heart pumping and a great quick workout!

Private lessons are a great way to get focused attention on movement, breath, expansion, pole technique and guidance in your Journey. Call, text or email Rachel to book. 

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